Jacquabelle is an energetic company, helping to make the bride and groom’s big day even more special by creating high-quality wedding plans and signing frames.

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We worked with the diretors, James and Isobel, to create a design that was uncluttered, easy to navigate, and conveyed a sense of style without drowning out the products. The result is fresh, modern and minimalistic.

The website features social networking buttons, a blog, and a brilliant (if we do say so!) ordering page.

After selecting the product they require, the visitor is given simple options along with a cost calculator which increases or decreases as options are selected. This makes it really easy for the customer to know what they’re purchasing and what it costs, and avoids any uncertainty or surprises at the checkout.

If a field is filled out incorrectly or skipped, the user is alerted to that by an information dialogue.

At the end of the form, the customer is asked whether they have a discount code. Discount codes can be a great way to encourage sales, and Jacquabelle have the ability to create and provide discount codes as they choose.

The final option asks whether the customer would like to pay the full amount or a 50% deposit; and the answer to this question alters the amount the customer pays at checkout.

Once complete, the order information is sent to Jacquabelle and the customer is directed to a Jacquabelle branded payment gateway to make a payment and complete the order.

At the end of the project, James and Isobel (very kindly!) said “Skyblu were fantastically supportive of us with our new venture and dedicated the time and resources to deliver exactly what we wanted, as well as providing useful advice and tips along the way.

“Mat and his team exceeded our expectations and we would happily recommend their services to others!”

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